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Children of HOPE is a charity program launched by Korkmaz Foundation that intends to help people in need by providing their children with proper education and urging them to hold on to their homeland whereas supporting local schools and bus drivers survive the crisis. The main goal of the program is to enable every young individual to access education regardless of their health conditions or economic status, thus never allowing circumstances to hinder the love of learning and the pursuit of knowledge. On the whole, education is a right for everyone and the cornerstone for building a better community. Korkmaz Foundation started its activities by supplying free monthly medications (nearly 150 beneficiary) and providing free food packages to people in need in Keserwan area, Lebanon. The unit’s sources were limited by the sole budget dedicated by “Korkmaz Group”, a real estate and construction company operating in Beirut.

Following the crucial need of expanding our philanthropic and humanitarian services, as the people of Lebanon are going through an unprecedented ordeal economically, financially, educationally and medically, lacking the very basic needs on all levels, Korkmaz Foundation is now calling upon the generosity of good doers all over, soliciting their contributions to its global fund-raising campaign. Children of Hope program includes two types of schooling cases:
● Securing school fees
● Securing school transportation fees

مؤسسة قرقماز / Korkmaz Foundation / since 1985

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Biography here